Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

What is CIL?

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is money paid by developers to the local planning authority to support local infrastructure that helps communities manage the changes brought about by the development.

Our Parish is at the start of substantial change with the gathering pace of developments at Alconbury Weald and the likely future changes at RAF Alconbury. Those changes have an impact on our community and CIL is designed to assist in managing that change and maximising the benefit our community gains from it.

How much are we talking?

This year (2016), we received just over £18,000 as our share of the CIL levy from our parish – all of which came from Alcobury Weald via Huntingdon District Council.

This is likely to increase over the next few years as development at Alconbury Weald increases. We are also preparing a Neighbourhood Plan, which will increase the Parish Council’s share of CIL from the current 15% to 25%. If our Neighbourhood Plan had been in place this year, we would have had around £30,000 from CIL rather than £18,000.

Spending the money

The Parish Council must now plan what we will spend this money on and we need your input. How should we spend the money?

The Parish Council is legally answerable to Huntingdon District Council for our use of the money and there are legal constraints on exactly what we can use it for. In general terms, we can use the money to support the development of our parish by paying for new infrastructure, replacing, operating or maintaining existing infrastructure or doing anything else that we can show helps address the demands that development is placing on our parish.

In this context, ‘infrastructure’ can include:

  • Roads and transport facilities
  • Schools and other educational facilities
  • Health facilities
  • Sports and recreational facilities
  • Green, open spaces and facilities
  • Social and community facilities
  • Economic regeneration
  • Emergency services
  • Utilities
  • Flood defences

In every case, the CIL money must be used to improve, operate, maintain, or add to our existing infrastructure and cannot be used to add to the specific development that generated the CIL money, which is almost exclusively from Alconbury Weald in our case.

You tell us

So, tell us what we should spend the money on. Ultimately, whatever we decide as a community must be realistic and achievable (even £18,000 is not a great deal of money in infrastructure terms), but the development at Alconbury Weald is likely to generate considerable and regular sums of CIL money over the next few years and we should all think carefully about how we can best use this windfall to support our community, especially in managing the changes taking place as a result of the developments.

You can write to or email the Clerk (contact details here) or use the online form below.

It is only by giving the Parish Council your views and suggestions that we will be certain of making the best use of this new money. Please tell us what you suggest we do with it.

Tell us your suggestion

Please use the contact us link at the top of the page and provide as many details as possible, including any contact details we need to contact you regarding the suggestion. Many thanks