Planning control in our area is principally the  responsibility of the statutory Planning Authority, Huntingdonshire District Council.  In accordance with Government requirements, they set local planning policies and review and adjudicate on applications for development. Many types of development require planning permission and applications are made to the District Council who will review and judge them on the basis of planning policy. The District Council consults Parish Councils on planning matters that are particularly relevant to them, including planning policy proposals, applications for development within the Parish and larger developments outside the Parish that may have a significant impact on them. The responses of Parish Councils, and other consultees such as the County Council and Highways Agency, are taken into account when the District Council reviews applications. Details of planning applications are available from the District Council. See their Public Access facility for online access to documents and dates.

The Parish Council reviews planning issues (consultations by the District Council and planning applications) usually through its planning group of four members who report to the full Council where an appropriate response to District is discussed and agreed. See the minutes of our meetings for details of our discussions. Recent years have seen some very significant activity, both for policy development and for major local developments much of which is on-going, in particular:

Alconbury Weald

The ex-military portion of Alconbury Airfield is presently owned by Urban and Civic Limited who have made an outline planning application for a mixed residential and employment development. They named the development Alconbury Weald and have a website specific to the development. The site lies wholly within the Parish and we are a key consultee in the planning process. We participate with other Parishes in the Joint Parish Liaison Group and the Ermine St. Traffic Group. These groups include Councillors representatives from the District Council, the developer and their consultants and are very useful forums to discuss progress and raise important issues. Urban and Civic also pay for the services of a planning consultant who works on behalf of our Parish to help us with the development by summarising and interpreting material.


This relates to an area of farmland North of the A141 link road and West of Ermine St. Two outline planning applications have been made by separate developers for large residential developments. Details are available from the District Council under references 0500526OUT and 1001712OUT. The land was previously within the Parish but has been transferred to Huntingdon Town Council.

“Ermine Business Park Extension”

Owners of farmland immediately Northwest of the existing Ermine Business Park are in preliminary discussion with the District Council and the Parish Council about a proposed employment development on the site.