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Our Parish

The Parish of The Stukeleys lies to the north-west of the historic market town of Huntingdon and principally comprises the villages of Great and Little Stukeley. It also includes Huntingdon Racecourse and the former Alconbury Airfield.

The main East Coast railway line to London runs through the Parish as does the A14 Trunk Road, giving the Stukeleys exceptional transport links. The villages of Great and Little Stukeley lie astride Ermine Street, the Old Roman Road.

To the immediate north and east of the two villages, and forming the northern boundary of the Parish, lies the former World War Two airfield of Alconbury.   Today this site is jointly occupied by a range of commercial storage activities and the United States Air Force and is the location of Alconbury Weald, now the subject of major redevelopment for 5,000 homes and 8,000 jobs.

Our Vision For The Stukeleys Parish

The Stukeleys will continue to be an attractive place in which to live, work and play through the Parish Council striving to protect and enhance its social, economic and physical environment for the benefit of all its residents and visitors.​
  • To ensure that local people are involved in decisions affecting their community.

  • To increase participation in Parish Council activities.

  • To ensure that all decisions made by the Parish Council are open, transparent and accountable.

  • To maximise the use of all community assets within the Parish, especially the village halls at Great and Little Stukeley.

  • To improve community spirit.
  • To ensure that the streets and buildings in the Parish are clean and attractive and that litter and fly-tipping is eliminated.

  • To encourage the regeneration of the natural environment.

  • To seek a high standard of design in new buildings which are in keeping with their surroundings through the planning process.

  • To secure Affordable Housing for local people.

  • To improve the network and condition of local rights of way.

  • To work with local agencies, especially the Police, to reduce crime and the fear of crime.

  • To ensure local agencies work together and with the local community to address local issues of concern.

  • To raise awareness of ways to reduce crime.

  • To reduce the problems associated with traffic travelling in and through the Parish.

  • To provide an appropriate level of street lighting.
  • To encourage young people to engage in decision-making in the Parish.

  • To develop play facilities for children and improve facilities for young people.
  • To work in partnership with Huntingdonshire District Council, Cambridgeshire County Council and other agencies and providers for the benefit of The Stukeleys.

  • To work in partnership with all organisations and sections of the community within the Parish in order to develop a sense of community identity.

  • To encourage the preparation of a Parish Plan.
  • To ensure that Parish Councillors have the skills and knowledge to be effective.

  • To provide good government at the local level to represent all interests in the Parish.

  • To ensure that the Parish Council are meeting the needs of local people.

  • To achieve Quality Parish Council status.

What the council can do for you

Community Money

This is money paid by developers to the local planning authority to support local infrastructure that helps communities manage the changes brought about by developments. We want your input on how this money can be best spent and how we can best serve the community.


At the Parish Council we strive to ensure our local community is kept clean and tidy with maintenance issues dealt with in a timely manner. This includes street lighting to hedge trimming. Get in touch if you feel an area of your Parish needs attention.


With all the on-going development in the area, the infrastructure of the Parish is changing significantly. We always try to make decisions which are best for the community, but we also need the community to be vocal about any concerns they have, so please feel free to get in touch.


Stukeley Parish Council is a Parish with a fully transparency code compliant website in accordance with the government guidelines. We look to provide democratic, local leadership that is accountable, open and transparent in which we are open about any administrative and financial documents.

Get in Touch


Parish Council, Village Hall, Low Road, Little Stukeley, Huntingdon PE28 4BA

Useful Numbers

Police Station: 01480 456111
Fire Station: 01480 455800

Contact us

Parish Clerk: 07596 891618
Email: Clerk@thestukeleys-pc.gov.uk