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The Parish of The Stukeleys lies to the north-west of the historic market town of Huntingdon and principally comprises the villages of Great and Little Stukeley. It also includes Huntingdon Racecourse and the former Alconbury Airfield.

The main East Coast railway line to London runs through the Parish as does the A14 Trunk Road, giving the Stukeleys exceptional transport links. The villages of Great and Little Stukeley lie astride Ermine Street, the Old Roman Road.

To the immediate north and east of the two villages, and forming the northern boundary of the Parish, lies the former World War Two airfield of Alconbury.   Today this site is jointly occupied by a range of commercial storage activities and the United States Air Force and is the location of Alconbury Weald, now the subject of major redevelopment for 5,000 homes and 8,000 jobs

The Stukeleys Wooden carved Sign

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